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London have a new home County venue: Spots & Stripes.
More details to follow (here)

Welcome to the home of London Pool

2007 National Inter-County Runners-Up London A

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London play Inter-County pool in Region 7 of the EPA, which includes Berkshire, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex.

There are 5 teams: Men's A, B and C, Ladies, and Juniors (U18), each of which plays the other counties home and away, once a month on Sundays, for the title of Regional Champions. The Regional winners (and from 2011 also the runners-up) go to Great Yarmouth in the spring of the following year to compete for the National Title.

London are current National Champions in the A section, and in 2010 we not only did the A and B team double but also our Juniors were National runners-up!

We conduct trials for new players in January of each year.

2012 County Fixtures & Results
(with links to reports where available)
2011 County Results
(with links to reports where available)

Inter-County Forums

Inter-County News Articles

R7 Inter-County pages
(for tables, rankings & other results)

EPA R7 Inter-County pages:
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National Honours
Inter-County Archive


GLCPA organises the London Inter-League competitions, in which affiliated leagues put forward one or more teams to compete against each for 2 London titles: the Interleague Champions and the Interleague Knockout Cup Champions.

The winners and runners-up of each of these competitions go to Great Yarmouth to compete for the National titles (in the Autumn for the KO Cup and in the following spring for the Interleague trophy), and also compete in a Regional Inter-League challenge cup against Inter-League winners from the other counties in Region 7.

2012 Interleague
Inter-League Archive

Inter-League Forums

Inter-League News Articles

GLCPA Interleague Rules
GLCPA Interleague Winners

National Honours

The starting points for most pool players looking to develop their game, or just have fun playing it in a competitive environment, are the many local leagues being played in pubs and clubs across London.

If you are looking for such a league in your area, check out the "Affiliated Leagues" link below. If there isn't a league local to you in that list please feel free to get in touch with GLCPA, or post a question in our forums.

Leagues themselves are encouraged to affilate to Greater London County Pool Association. This brings many benefits including:

  • Entry into the National Champion of Champions competitions

    for the league winners and singles winners
  • Entry into the London Interleague competition

    for a team (or teams) representing the league. They play teams representing other leagues in London, for the chance to go forward to the National Interleague competition.
  • Support and advice

    regarding for example Rules and matters of a Disciplinary or Organisational nature.
  • Individual benefits

    players in the league become eligible to register, through GLCPA, with the national governing body the EPA. They can then trial for one of the County sides (Men/Ladies/Juniors) which in turn opens the possibility of earning a trial for the England squad.

    They can also enter individual events such as the Region 7 Tour, other national competitions which are restricted to EPA members (including the National Individual Amateur competition), and they become eligible for other events closed to GLCPA members such as our Singles Leagues and World Masters qualifier.

There is a great deal more information on all the above in the "Benefits of Affiliating" document linked to below.

If your league does not currently affiliate to GLCPA, but you'd like them to take advantage of the opportunities listed above, please put it to your league's committee and ask them to have a look at this page and/or get in touch.

Currently Affiliated Leagues
(web links for all current GLCPA leagues)
Benefits of Affiliating
(PDF with full details of affiliation

Local League Forums

Affiliation Form

Other Local Info
(venues and leagues)

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Senior Squad Away vs Sussex 13th April
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Mens' Squad for 23rd March, Home to Kent
Inter County
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22-03-2014 23:54
Senior Squad for 23rd March Home to Kent
Inter County
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London Juniors v Kent Juniors 23/03/14

Inter CountyLondon Juniors played Kent Juniors on Sunday 23rd March, welcoming back former team mates Jack and Oliver Lawrence.

The team was Tony Griffin, Jasper Bacon, Shane O'Reilly, Shaun Wormsley, Connor Hewson, Mehmet Tango, Kieran Osborne, Sam Baker, Chris Wormsley, Chris Panayiotou and Billy Levingbird.

The first 2 sets were a close call with London winning them both 6-5, giving them a 2 point lead at halftime.

The third set was more hopeful as London won 7-4, still with the starting 11.

In set 4, Ethan Cook replaced Sam Baker, and although the set was lost 6-5, the match was won 24-20.

Special mentions to Connor Hewson with 4/4, sharing man of the match with Chris Panayiotou and Kieran Osborne.

(Match report prepared by Ethan Cook)

London Ladies Home to Kent 23.03.14

Inter CountyIt was always going to be a tough match against Kent as National Champions, therefore all I asked of my players was to beat our best score against them which was 14. This we did by getting 15, well done the London Ladies.

Sue 3/4
Claire S 2/2
Natalie 2/3
Angie 2/4
Charlotte 2/4
Sarah 1/4
Kirsty 1/4
Amy 1/4
Corinne 1/4
Avril 0/3
Linda 0/2
Sam (Kerry) 0/4
Donna 0/1
May 0/1


The first set we managed to get 5 frames but to be quite honest it should have been more as Kent were not at their best. The ladies got behind each other and the support was good.

The second set Kent had settled down and we only managed to get 1 frame. Our support seemed to go down hill at this stage, so a quiet talk to the team to get us back in the game.

The third set we managed to get 5 frames, a much better performance and support by all.

The final set we managed to get 4 frames and the support was good again.

Well done ladies we did what we set out to do and we did ourselves proud.

Our new player for this match was May who played a great game and just missed potting the black ball. Better luck next time

Woman of the match went to Sue


Inter CountyWhat a fantastic result for our first match beating Berkshire 28-16
The teams morale and support for each other throughout the match was amazing and went a long way to helping us to this great win.

The team players were :-

Sue 4/4
Sam (Kerry) 4/4
Avril 3/4
Charlotte 3/4
Kirsty 3/4
Linda 2/4
Sarah 2/4
Claire.S 2/4
Corrine 2/4
Amy 2/2
Donna 1/4
Angela 0/2


It was a tight first leg, London just scraping a 6-5 lead.
We then stormed away in the second leg with a 9-2 following this on with a 7-4 3rd leg. The final leg was another 6-5 but should have been more, but fair play to Berkshire they did well.

Well done to all the team, I would like to thank you all as we pulled together as a team and I hope that we can keep this standard up for the rest of the season.

I would also like to thank the new players who played their first game for London, Sarah and Amy who both played really well. We all know it's not easy to come into a new team, especially a county team and settle in as quickly as they did and win games. Well done.

Women of the match goes to Amy Alton

London Juniors at Yarmouth 28/2-2/3/14

Inter CountyDespite finishing 3rd in the region, the juniors were fortunate enough to be given a wild card, as one of the other regions didn't field a junior section. For most of the lads, it was their first time at Yarmouth, but would give them valuable experience for when they qualify on merit.

The draw was particularly cruel, being pitched against Leicester at 9am Saturday morning. I have my doubts as to how many of them would normally be awake at that time, let alone be ready for a 44 frame match!!

And so it proved. Whilst there was no shortage of application, I certainly counted three or four times where winning positions were squandered needlessly. Leicester ran out comfortable winners, 23-12, showing what a difference a few frames makes. Had those opportunities been taken, the score would have been a lot closer going into the final stages, and they would have been under more pressure.

Leicester went on to win the main event.

So on to the knockout cup, with improvements required to ensure the weekend didn't end early. Being drawn against Kent was an opportunity to lay down a marker for the season. Although Kent had finished ahead of London in the region, everyone was hungry to put the record straight.

The final score of 23-13 (maybe 23-14) certainly did that. The improvement was huge. The lads mixed the game up, playing safety's rather than going for speculative pots, and punishing their mistakes. On that performance, Kent will not be relishing the game in a fortnight's time!!!

One more win would now put them into the semi-finals, and the next opponents were Bristol A. In the first round proper, Bristol beat Sussex 24-22 after a play off, so the lads were under no illusions this was a tough game.

Unfortunately they got off to the worst start imaginable, going 6-0 down. Looking at the Bristol team, they didn't appear to have anyone over the age of 15!! The lads had their backs right up against the wall, but they came back fighting. This was their third match of the day, which I think is hard enough for adults, let alone youngsters, and most of them were breaking new ground with it all.

That said, they scrapped for all they were worth all the way through. High fives for every frame won, and consoling pats on the back for losers. Ultimately though, the mountain was just too high, and Bristol won 23-19, very relieved to have got over the line.

Sean Halligan declared that he was proud of their efforts, and the improvement over the day was immense.

Whilst the weekend didn't result in a fairy tale trophy, the juniors gained so much experience they can take into this season.

The aim now is to win the region, and I think they can!

Berkshire Juniors v London Juniors 23/2/14

Inter CountyThe team was Tony Griffin, Shane O'Reilly, Chris Wormsley, Shaun Wormsley, Connor Hewson, Billy Levingbird, Chris Panayiotou, Jasper Bacon, Mehmet Tango, Ethan Cook and Sam Baker.

A slow start saw Berkshire taking a 3-1 lead, but London battled back to take the set 6-5.
The second set was an improvement, London winning 7-4, to take a 13-9 lead overall.

A half time substitution saw Kieran Osborne coming in for Ethan Cook, and the third set was won 9-2.

Alan Bushell came in in the 4th set for Shaun Wormsley, and the set was won 8-3.

Final score 30-14. Tony Griffin, Billy Levingbird and Mehmet Tango all got 4/4, with Mehmet winning man of the match

Special mention for Sam Baker, getting 3/4 on his debut.

(Match report prepared by Ethan Cook)


Inter CountyThanks to everyone who made it to the match. We did really well to pull a few back, at one point we were trailing 19-9.

Everyone played really well, a special well done to Sue and myself for winning 3 out of 4.

I think the whole team enjoyed playing Hampshire, they were such a good bunch.
I hope everyone's got 1st December in their heads, as it looks like we might all be trying out for Hampshire LOL LOL.

We've had a few new ladies interested in joining the team next season, so with any luck we shouldn't be short LOL.

The provisional date for the trials is 26th January, will let you know for definite, when I know.

Looks like the Ladies Open is going to be on 8th December at Canavans. I'll let you know details nearer the time.

I know we can and will do better next season, we all have the ability, we just need to believe in ourselves. WE CAN DO IT!!!



Berkshire C 19 - London C 25

Inter CountySunday 20th october and what a start to wake up too, it was pissing down with rain and there i was, thinking that the London team had to travel all the way to Reading in that weather, but after battling the rain in Richard Chapmans car we finally arrived at reading with a pretty decent C team considering who we where missing and Chappers hijacked by the B team. This was a must win game for us as it would take us above them in the region and hopefully put us on a high for the last game against hampshire at home on 3rd november.

As a team this year we seemed to have stuttered at the start and with allan formosa and adam hewsen losing we went 2-0 down but won the 1st set 8-3, we won the 2nd set 6-5 and we were cruising at 14-8 up, set 3 we won 6-5 but lost the last set 6-5 to give us a 25-18 win, 2 guys, Akar Necarti and the luckiest guy on a pool table in region 7, Peter Pan, both got 4/4, new guy Ryan Francis, Lee Bushell and Dan Tuck all got 3/4, and the other guys all contributed to what was probably our best performance as a team this season. Well done guys, i know we have had a up and down season but when you look at the moves of players between teams, players brought in, i guess it was never going to be a settled season for the C team. Its been a torrid time this year, things have happened, but hopefully things are beginning to jel.

One thing i did notice this match was people are talking now, people dont look lost anymore, its was always going to be difficult for a team which not only basically was a complete new team but it also had a new captain too so it was a new step for a lot of us, but there has been a main core of players who have come together this year, didnt know each other and im sure as team next year will make a very strong team, we won 25-19 away at berkshire with the likes of richard chapman, george hammond, tony mcdowell, louis wilbourne and daniel heinenk missing, weve added ryan francis,dan tuck,and adam hewsen has joined us, and to be honest im looking forward to next year already, and with who will come through trials in january we should have a great team.

Guys, im away next match due to taking my daughter to her grandmas for half term, so on the sunday i will be in grimsby but i will be keeping up to date with rich chapman, i know come the end of season guys who dont make the averages have to retrial, but, with the season being like its been i feel that alot of my players especially new ones havant had there fair crack so to speak, i feel that the moves between the C team and the B team this year have upset both teams to the extent that half the C team didnt know on the morning of a match who they where playing for and i will be speaking with rupe ward about this.

Our final match is at home on 3rd november, guys i know you can beat my mate "little craigs" HAMPSHIRE, i know with the team we should have, the confidence we got, now u should be worried about no-one, go and bash them up boys, and do our team proud.



Inter CountyWE WON WOO- HOO.

Thanks to everyone who could make it today, a special welcome back to Anita and Gill,it was lovely to have them back,they have been missed.

We only had ten, so the pressure was on but we managed to play really well, it was a bit close right near the end but we did it!

A special thank you to Millie and Lucy who were meant to be working today but came through for us and turned up!

I think I speak for all of us when I say it was awesome to win a game, we haven't had much luck of late but hopefully this will give us the boost we need to win the next game and do better next season.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next game at home to Hampshire.



Ladies Team home to Kent lost 11-33

Inter CountyThanks to everyone who could make it, we actually had a full team this time in fact we had a reserve in the form of Donna, who did very well considering she debuted against Kent. It was lovely to have Linda back, hopefully Anita and Gill will follow suit for the next game in October. We started off in terrible form, and i think we were all quite relieved to manage to get to double figures, everyone played really well, against any other team we might of won or at least of drawn. We have Berks next game, who have yet to win or draw, so hopefully we can win! Hopefully you all can make it on the 13th, see you then. Angela

London B vs Sussex B

Inter CountyLondon B 25 -- Sussex B 19

Sunday 11th august, when i arrived at peckham yesterday i stood outside canavans with both rupe ward and mikey clayton, A and B team captains knowing that the london mens squad only had 26 players and it was a sombre mood i can say, all captains knew that the move of players between each team was going to be quite considerable and we discussed what options and who would be moving between all 3 teams, once mikey knew who he wanted from the C team it was then that arose that still the A team where one player short, we looked at the lists and really mikey was the most viable player to play in the As, and it was then that was decided that i was promoted to B team captain for the day and was advised to go over the team with andre cox which is what we did. firstly id like to say a big thanks to rupe ward and mikey clayton for the chance to captain Londons B team, and also a big shout for my old mate andre for his input, nice one fellas.......

When me and andre decided on the team, i told him that it would be him opening and me finishing, and we worked around that to form our team, off to battle we went, i wasnt sure how good Sussex B where, i did know though they had 3 of there A team players in there though but looking at the team we had, knowing everyone so well, i didnt care who we played, we had a great team not only in personel but in spirit too, what a match, we won 3 out of the 4 sets, won 25 - 19, and everyone played well, everyone got on the board, and we had 2 controversies too...... but on a whole, i was happy as a pig in shit, id got promoted to the B team captain for the day, had a great team, had a great guy in my corner too in andre and we did the business in style.....what else can a captain do but take his hat of to the boys...and we had 8 regular C team players including me in the 11 man team, strange how we all get promoted and play like men possessed...congratulations

The set scores where 8-3, (5-6) 6-5, and 6-5, leading to the 25 - 19 victory, team stats where....

andre 2/4
baz 2/4
richard 3/4
adam 1/4
dan 3/4
tony 3/4 ( 1 loss very debatable )
george 2/4
louis 2/4
lee 2/4
allan 1/4
paul 4/4 ( 1 win very debatable )

and as for man of the match, there wasnt one because in one shape or form the london B team players where all as good as each other, great team performance from everyone.

guys, may i just add to the report about reminding you when it is your turn to referee, when you referee a game you do it by the lord of the land, its played to a certain set of rules and the rules have to be abided by, thats what there there for, it caused quite a controversy yesterday and i dont want it to happen to us again, so if we stick to the way its played, we wont go wrong......

I think as im the normal C team captain i should be saying about there match yesterday, Yes they won 25 - 15, i think akar necarti did very well as acting captain yesterday, well done mate and from what i heard adam hewsen was man of the match with 4/4, i would like to add that the C team yesterday contained 4 seniors, 2 juniors, and 5 C team players, considering they won 25 - 19 i think we should all pat them on the back and say well done.

right im off for a curry...........


Ladies: Home to Sussex lost 26-18

Inter CountyI'd just like to say a big thank you and well done to all able to make it today,we were so unlucky, if we took away the 8 we were down from the start, we actually drew! LOL

A special mention to Kerry for getting 4 out of 4, and a extra special well done to Millie for winning 3 out of 4,even though she had a nose bleed all morning,maybe we should smack her in the face before each game if thats what happens PMSL!

I just like to say to Charlotte,Avril and myself what the bloody hell happened today, we must do better lol lol lol
I look forward to kicking some Kent butt!
See you all at the bbq next week x

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