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GLCPA Interleague Rules


1.1 The Greater London County Pool Association (GLCPA) Interleague, hereafter known as the Interleague shall only be made up of teams representing Leagues affiliated to the GLCPA.

1.2 The affiliation fee, as set at the AGM, is to be paid prior to January 31st of each year. (Currently £75, £50 for new leagues).

1.3 A £150 bond must be paid in advance by each team entering the Interleague. This will be returned upon completion of all fixtures.

    Deductions will be made from this bond as follows:
  • (i) Postponing a match with 96 hours (4 days') notice or more - £25
  • (ii) Failure to attend/participate in a League Match or Knock-Out Cup £50
  • (iii) Withdrawal/expulsion from the Interleague - £100
  • (Failure to attend 3 league matches, or Knock-Out Cup and 2 league matches for whatever reason will result in a team being expelled from the Interleague and all bond money retained by GLCPA)
  • (iv) Failure to attend National Finals or Regional Finals (accepting a place and failing to pay the entry fee or attend the Finals) £25
Future season's team registrations, for teams that fail to fulfil their commitments to complete all league and Knock-Out Cup fixtures will be subject to review.

1.4 All Interleague matches will be played using the current 'World Eight Ball Pool Federation' playing rules and must be played on standard 7 foot tables that conform to EPA Regulations.

1.5 All Interleague matches will take place on Friday evenings. Matches will take place approximately monthly and at suitable intervals (as agreed by GLCPA Committee).

1.6 The Interleague will be run on a home and away basis on alternate years.

1.7 Any monies paid to the GLCPA by any team being expelled or withdrawing will be forfeited to the GLCPA.

1.8 The GLCPA Committee shall have the powers to apply and enforce the rules of the Interleague and shall have jurisdiction over matters affecting the Interleague, including any not provided for in the rules. The committee will have the right to refuse entry of any team to GLCPA Interleague. All decisions of the GLCPA Committee shall be final and binding.


2.1 Teams may only be entered by a league that is affiliated to the GLCPA. It is the responsibility of the league entering the team to select the players and run in accordance with these rules.

2.2 A league may enter any number of teams.

2.3 Once a player has played for a team they may not play for any other team that season.

2.4 Teams will consist of nine players, who will compete in twenty seven singles, each of one frame.

2.5 Substitute players may be used during the second set or third set of the match, and players who have been substituted out may return later in the match.

2.6 To be eligible to play GLCPA Interleague players must already be registered in the local league for the team they represent and should already be active.

This cannot be applied retrospectively.

2.7 All players must be registered with the EPA. A completed EPA registration form must be provided with the registration fee before a player may participate in the Interleague. Players affiliating to the EPA & GLCPA solely for the purpose of playing Interleague will be charged a fee as set at the GLCPA AGM (currently £15) and must also supply 1 colour passport style photo. Players need to be transferred if their EPA registration is currently held by a county other than Greater London.

2.8 If a team plays an unregistered player then all frames/points won by that player will be awarded to the opposing players. If this affects the match outcome then the 3 point win bonus will be awarded to the opposing team. The offending team will also be deducted a further 3 points for each unregistered player.

One weeks grace will be afforded for any new player who participates in a match to submit their registration to the County Registration Secretary. After which time if this hasn't been suitably completed, penalties will be imposed.

2.9 If a match is played but subsequently a team fail to register enough players within 7 days to constitute a legal match, the offending team will be treated similarly to a team that fails to appear, with penalties as in rule 1.3 and 3.5.

2.10 It is not the responsibility of opposing teams to check that players are appropriately registered with the EPA. However, Captains who have a concern about the eligibility of an opposing player may seek clarification from the GLCPA Interleague Secretary.

2.11 Unsporting, aggressive behaviour or dissent towards an official of the Interleague or conduct in general likely to bring the game, Interleague, GLCPA or team in question into disrepute shall be dealt with by the GLCPA Committee. Such charges shall be regarded as serious misconduct and the committee shall have the right to call individuals or team representatives to account for themselves or their team's behaviour. The committee may at their discretion suspend or expel any individual or team from the competition.

2.12 Any spectators who attend an Interleague match become the responsibility of their local league or team/player's they are accompanying. As such rule 2.11 also applies to spectators.

2.13 No coaching will be allowed of any players involved in a frame in progress. A referee aware of coaching will warn the player and his captain that any repetition in the frame will result in a standard foul followed by the frame being awarded to the opposition if coaching persists.

2.14 Players from an expelled or withdrawn team are not permitted to play for another team in that season.

2.15 A player who is for whatever reason barred or suspended from a venue will not participate in the match unless permission is first obtained from the Landlord/Proprietor of that venue.

2.16 If any player is under the age of 18, the captain must first ensure those players are allowed into the venue.

2.17 Where any end of season play-off is necessary, or any final league match of the season where no play off exists, a player registration embargo will exist once the regular league season has been completed.

Players must have already completed 50% or more of the matches within the competition in order to be eligible for any play-off.

Special dispensation may be granted in extreme circumstances to override this ruling with prior permission of the Interleague Secretary.


3.1 Matches are to be played on a minimum of two tables which will be on 'free play'.

The home team is responsible for ensuring the tables are on 'free play'.

The home team are to provide suitable match balls.

3.2 Each match will consist of nine players from each team playing three single frames. In the event that a team has less than nine players then the other team will be awarded those frames. An unlimited amount of substitute players is permitted.

3.3The away team will break in frame 1, and every odd numbered frame thereafter, whilst the home team will break in frame 2 and every even numbered frame.

3.4 The match winning team will be awarded a 3-point win. A point will be awarded for each frame won.

Should a team play with less than 9 players then no win-bonus will be awarded.

3.5 Interleague matches start at 8pm. In order to commence a fixture a team must have a minimum of five players present. The start time may be deferred by 30 minutes, and then the match should commence. If 30 minutes after the agreed start time, seven players in total are not present then the match will be deemed void with a win awarded to their opponents with the best win option available:

  • i) a score calculated on the average of their total frames won (in won matches only) for the season, rounded up.
  • ii) a score calculated on their would-be opponents average of their total frames lost (in lost matches only) for the season, rounded up.
  • iii) the frame score they achieved when the two teams met last season.
  • iv) 14-0 win.
  • v) the frame score if the match was played but subsequently the opponents failed to register enough players for the match to be deemed legal.
  • The offending team who failed to fulfil the fixture will receive zero points.

    3.6 Players can play in any order within the set and may break an unlimited amount of times.

    3.7 Player substitutions can only be made prior to the commencement of any set of any 9 frames, but not mid set.

    3.8 A team that has a player listed to play who isn't present at the venue when due to play will forfeit the frame after 10 minutes from the time when being called to the table to play.

    3.9 In the event that a team is playing with less than nine players (but this cannot be less than seven) the blank spaces in the playing order should be as follows, in each set:

  • Home Team one player short - leave line 9 blank.
  • Away Team one player short - leave line 8 blank.
  • Home Team two players short - leave line 9 then line 7 blank.
  • Away Team two players short - leave line 8 then line 6 blank.

  • 3.10 All players must sign both home and away match result sheets, including any substitutes, against their first frame only.

    3.11 Both captains should ensure that the match score and result is texted to the Interleague Secretary immediately after the match.

    3.12 Captains are responsible for ensuring their official match result sheet is forwarded to the Interleague Secretary within 7 days of the match. Both teams must submit a completed match result sheet. Failure to comply will result in a 3 point penalty for the offending team.

    3.13 The home team will provide the Referee for table 1, the away team will provide the Timekeeper for table 1. Roles will be reversed for table 2. Both captains should ensure they supply a stopwatch.

    3.14 In the event that a team is either expelled or withdraws from the league before having played all other teams once, then any and all points gained from such matches will be totally discounted.

    3.15 In the event that two or more teams finish level on points at the end of the season, the following criteria will be applied to determine the final standings:

    1. Matches Won
    2. Frames Won
    3. Match aggregate scores against teams equal on points (head-to-head)

    3.16 The format for any end of season play-off will be agreed amongst Team Captains / GLCPA committee members / Interleague Secretary prior to the event commencing.

    3.17 Match postponements should be avoided where possible. However each team is permitted to request a postponement with a minimum notice of 96 hours, but only one per season will be granted. The postponing team will be charged as outlined in rule 1.3. Their opponents should offer one Friday between the postponed date and the following scheduled match. The postponing team then have the option of playing the match on the new date or sticking with the original scheduled date. All postponement requests must be made via the Interleague Secretary in the first instance. Under no circumstances are teams permitted to re-arrange fixtures amongst themselves. In very extreme or unavoidable circumstances a match may be postponed but only after seeking permission from the Interleague Secretary.

    3.18 The final round of regular Interleague matches or Interleague group phase matches, and any play-off matches cannot be postponed unless extreme circumstances prevail, subject to prior agreement with the Interleague Secretary.


    4.1 An additional Interleague Knock-Out Cup Competition will be organised for teams participating in the GLCPA Interleague.

    4.2 The format and fixtures will be agreed amongst Team Captains / GLCPA committee members / Interleague Secretary prior to the event commencing.

    4.3 The competition will be held at a single venue as agreed by the GLCPA committee.

    4.4 There will be no additional fee for this competition.


    5.1 Region 7 hold an annual Interleague Challenge Cup competition, usually within the early months of each year. The GLCPA is allocated 2 places at this event. These places will be allocated to the Interleague champion & Interleague Knock-Out Cup champion. (Should the same team win both events then the Interleague Runners-Up will become eligible). Eligible teams are expected to represent the county at these finals.


    6.1 The EPA hold National Finals for both the Interleague itself (normally in April of each year) and the Knockout Cup (normally in October of each year).

    6.2 The number of places allocated to GLCPA at these finals varies each year, but the GLCPA are guaranteed at least 2 places.

    6.3 All teams entering GLCPA Interleague & KO Cup do so on the understanding that should they be successful and finish as Champions/Runners-Up or as an eligible team (as defined by the EPA) it will be expected that they will represent the County at the National Finals.

    6.4 The teams qualifying must be prepared to meet the full costs associated with attending the Finals. If the state of the GLCPA finances permit, a contribution to each team may be made.

    6.5 Players must play or be named on the match score sheet a minimum of 50% of GLCPA Interleague fixtures and local league fixtures to be eligible to participate in the National Finals. This applies to both the Interleague and the Knock-Out Cup competitions.


    The following venues have an embargo that does not allow minors under the age of 18 years old to enter, either in the evenings or throughout the whole day. Should your team have an U18 that wishes to play then please contact the venue to avoid the minor being refused entry on match day. GLCPA are unaccountable on matters concerning minors and team captains that choose to select an U18 into their squad do so under their own risk.


    - Canavans Pool Club

    - Eltham Terrace Club

    - Hurricane Room


    The following venues do not have facilities for either wheelchair access or access to the amenities. GLCPA are unaccountable on matters concerning wheelchair access and team captains that choose to select players that require wheelchair access into their squad do so under their own risk.


    - Canavans Pool Club

    - Eltham Terrace Club

    - Hurricane Room

    - Royal Surrey Snooker Club

    Amended January 2020


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